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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Want out of Mr.Bergquist's class

NOTICE: I wrote this in my journal a while back, and I think different now.

I would like get out of Mr.Bergquist's class.
Because I have not been it all year.
I have hardly any friends in Mr.Bergquist's and I miss listening to Mr.Barrat's rants in 6th period.
Please let me out of this class (referring to Mr.Bergquist)
I want a rematch with Mr.Bergquist in arm wresting.

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iZZY (iCeY) said...

Awwe, John! Really? I'm glad this is a while back, and I hope you feel differently now. But, I must say that I like this because you were very honest and upfront about your feelings! That is always a good way to go about things! Great job! Oh yeah! Thanks for the help today Interactive Fiction god!