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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Note Message (MUST READ)

Continueing from PUBLICATIONS and Note Message... What happed when Snelling found the note. A week after I had been out of publications. I saw the evilest of all creatures, Mr.Snelling in the hall. Mr.Snelling said, "John, You leaf a message on the computer. I got to show it to Mr.Terhar"(Mr. Snelling walked away. I said, "Oh no. Not that". I went to the coolest of all people at LMS for advice, Mr. Bergquist. Mr.Bergquist said, "Goettle, Snelling is black mailing you to come back to publications. You see if you come back to publications Snelling won't show the not to Terhar". I ran off to the wisest of all people at LMS, Mr.Barrat. Mr.Barrat said, "Well I don't think Mr.Snelling would show it to Mr.Terhar'. 2 days later... Mr.Snelling still hasn't showed the note to Mr.Terhar. I went back to Mr.Bergquist. Mr.Bergquist said, "Feel the call of Snelling. He's black mailing you. I would return to publications than take the heat from Terhar". I started wondering.. Should I return to publication and give up Drama. I'm not a actor. 1 day latter... Me and othere kids in Mr.Bergquist's 6th period class went up to the Annex. I walked in and saw the note printed out, on the table. Mr.Snelling saw me. Mr.Snelling said, 'Oh that reminds me. Gotta show this to Terhar". I said, 'NO!, You can't show that to Terhar'. Mr.Snelling said, "how about I show it to Barrat". I said, "That would be better than Terhar". Mr.Snelling showed the note to Barrat. 1 day later... I went to go chat with Bergquist with a printed out copy of the note. Mr.Bergquist said, 'Do you feel guilty?". I said, "A little". Mr.Bergquist ordered me to show it to Mr.Terhar. I went up to Terhar, give him the note and ran.


PS.Mr.Terhar still hasn't mennen it yet.



Anonymous said...

That was a funny story. I liked it because it was very descriptive. What is the note say? Was it really that bad? My favorite part was when you said you gave the note to Mr. Terhar and ran. This was a really good story.

Mr. Bergquist said...


Say it ain't so. After everything publications has done for you. How on earth could you?