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Thursday, March 20, 2008

ELECTION, 08 3/21/08

Currently in the race, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls. Sadly.
Because of a video that some consider race soil where Barack Obama's Preacher says things, like ___ ___ american, for all the stuff we done all the years to the blacks.
Obama is still ahead by 105 delegates. There is not enough delegates for Hillary and Bill Clinton to catch up.

Mean while...
The Democrats are deciding there Nominee.
John McCain is chilling.



garret said...

John this is probaly the coolest thing that i've ever read in my life. I dont agree i like Hilary Clinton shes way better then obama. I would buff up on my spelling if i was you. You should keep current on the race. Garret.

Patrick said...
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Tayy said...

Barrack obama is the shiz!
Everyone wants Hilary to win. She
kinda scares me. alot. Dude, I like this cuz its very inteeligent. I don't know anything about the race hardly (except that barrack is better) And it gave me an insight.
Thank you John! =D