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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Apple Sucks!

This week you get 2 articles on Apple Sucks!
It's time for Mr. Bergquist and Mr. Snelling to adamant that Apple Sucks! and Microsoft Rocks!
And if anyone thinks I'm judging the Mac by only using the old Macs your wrong. I have used the new Macs. The only different from older Macs and the new Macs is speed and bigger harddrives. But other wise its the same old crappy operating system (OS).
Every OS is going to suck in some way. Mac OS X Sucks! at being smart and security. Vista sucks at compadiablity with old hardware and programs from 2006 and older. Linux just Sucks! in all ways.
Read my artical on Linux.


Emma said...

I like this blog entry because it shows your point of view very cleary. And i can already tell that you dont like apple by just looking at the title. I like the picture too, its really funny! I can really tell you dont like apple and you have a very strong opinion. Keep posting good blogs!


Kira Aritake said...

im with you Apple can go die, MS rocks!!!