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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today, at school, I refused to take the 8th Grade Science WASL. I said: "Mr. Barrat I refuse to take the 8th Grade Science WASL'. Mr. Barrat said: "Your sentence to be hanged tomorrow moaining.".
Then he told me to read a book.
After 1st, 2nd and 3rd period in Mr. Barrat's skiping the science WASL. It was 4th period, with Snelling and I was doing nothing and making crapy videos. At lunch, me and my now formal friends were on the hill. They were treating me stupid and getting me angery. I was so upset with them. I went to the Main Office.
Later on in 5th and 6th, I was talking to Mr. Bergquist about what happened in Snelling's, Lunch and the WASL. I said to Mr. B: "I think Snelling, Barrat and you would like to hang me.".
Mr. B smiled.
Mr. Bergquist said: "Will we put a Apple shirt with the Apple logo on you right before we hang you and have the school band playing the hanging song. We could hang you with the flag poll and use you as a example to what happen to students when they slack off in 4th Quarter.".


Q ball said...

I Like this post because it is funny and even though you don't want to take the WASL you still have to. Which would you rather do, hang from a flag pole or take a test that isn't very hard.

Marina's Blog said...

I was there while Bergquist was explaining your hanging it was so funny. Because you explained pretty well how Bergquist told you of your hanging, I liked this entry. I still don't understand why you totally despise Apple, it does have some programs that Windows does not have.
Windows are also pretty good, though. Good entry though, real good.

JOHN said...

q ball-
You don't have to take the WASL.

JOHN said...

q ball-
You don't have to take the WASL.

Miranda said...


i think you should consider trying to beING NICE to the teachers.
hopefully you will not get hanged.
that wouldnt be very good.
any ways, i liked this because oyu included a lot of detail.
good job goettle.

- m i r a n d a

Anonymous said...

I like your post because you described you meeting with Mr. Barrat very well. I liked how you told about your talk with Mr B. Mabey you should have take the Wasl to avoid getting hangged. Apple rules and you should try it some time. Nice entry John.