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Monday, April 21, 2008

Leopard Vs Vista + Weekly reason(s) why Apple Sucks!

Who wins?, Vista of course. Vista beats Leopard be a hole lot. Leopard is already at 5.2 (coming soon 5.3). Which in Windows would be Service Pack 2 (coming soon Service Pack 3).
Apple has just recently discovered RSS feeds, which Microsoft has had scent Windows XP (2001). Mac OS X Leopard can't be pirated that easy. Vista can. Leopard can't have video as a background. Vista Ultimate can. Apple has just recently discovered with Leopard, System Restore points another feature which was first invented by good old Microsoft. Leopard does not come with a Anti Virus protector. Vista does (Windows Defender). And Apple does have 30% of the virus's out there. Leopard + Apple computers suck. but, Apple's iPhone rocks! That's the only thing that's Apple that I like.

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