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Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekly reason(s) why Apple sucks (MUST READ)

Look at the Apple Logo. It has a bit out of it. Whos want something with a bit out of it.
Here are five reasons why Windows Vista is better than MAC OS X 10:

1.Vista runs more software: You have a larger validated of software available for Vista than MAC OS X 10.

2.Vista is safer: MAC OS X has 30% of the virus out there and MAC OS X has hardly any virus software out there.

3.It’s the money, stupid: MACS cost $1000 dollars more than a fully packed Vista computer with a 1 year warranty.

4.The Mac is closed; Vista is open: Microsoft is full of young fresh ideas and APPLE has been trying to copy Microsoft Vista. For example that time machine feature in Leopard, oh, not at all like Microsoft system restore points.

5.Two words - Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs is stupid! and I hate him!

This was a responce to Riman's comment on APPLE SUCKS, MICROSOFT ROCKS.

Riman's comment:
First of all, if anything sucks it is Microsoft. Steven Jobs is a genius, Steve Ballmer is absolutely psycho, and that guy is a nut case. Apple is the most innovative between the two. Apple is always one step ahead of Microsoft and the only way Microsoft can keep up is by copying them. Apple was the company that brought an easy to use graphic-based operating system to the world (the Macintosh OS) only to be copied by Microsoft Windows. Then there was the iPod, years ahead of the Zune. Apple’s iPhone is unlike anything on the market but I bet you in another year or so Microsoft will make a knock off of it too. The problem is every time Microsoft does a knock-off of an Apple product it’s complex, difficult to use and half as good as the Apple original. The innovator, the leader, the vastly superior company is in Cupertino, not Redmond. Now, back to your biased opinions about Apple on your blog. First off all, I think Apple has the coolest logo and the reason it has a bite shape out of it is because it is the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Are you familiar with the bible or Adam and Eve and the Forbidden Fruit? Obviously not! Second of all, if I try to log out with a word document open, it does too ask me if I want to save, so I don’t know where you got that. You may think the computers at school are slow and pieces of junk, I agree with you considering they’re at least 5 or more years old. If we had PC computer’s 5 years old instead of Apple’s they would be either just as slow or worse or even they won’t last that long.

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