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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Windows 7 top feature request list

. Back up XBOX 360 games to Windows PC - Don't think that will happen.

. Bring back Windows logo at start up - I want that to happen. The Vista start up is boarding without the Windows logo.

. Windows mail should support hotmail - That would be good.

. Windows gaming mode - now that would be cool.

. Integrate Windows Calender with sidebar Calender gadget - That would be nice.

. ISO and BIN image support in Windows - That would be good, so you don't have to get software like Roxio.

. Include Pinball in the next version of Windows - I would like that. I miss the old Pinball game in XP.

. Integrated Anti-Virus - We all ready have that in Vista its called Windows Defender.

. Add a message to the computer locked screen - When it says my computer is locked it could put out for lunch.

Here is a link to see the full list:

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