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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

UPDATE: March 26th, 2009, Sliverlight 2 and Internet Explorer 8 are now out of beta and in final version. Read my review of IE8

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Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 released on Wednesday, 3/05/08. Internet Explorer 8 includes new and improved features like:

1.Activities: For example, if you needed to get the address and map a route to a sports arena, you’d go to their website, copy the address, then right click on Live Maps(a new feature in IE 8), then paste it into Live Maps.

2.Crash Recovery: Automatic Crash Recovery is designed to recover your web pages in case of a crash in your web browser.

3.Improved Phishing Filter: Microsoft has now added a safety filter to there web browser.That not only blocks site's that are know for phishing but now blocks sites known to contain malicious software.

4.WebSlices: are an exciting new technology in Internet Explorer 8. WebSlices work like RSS feeds; you simply go to sites that are enabled for WebSlices, like eBay or Facebook. Simply click on the WebSlice button and add it to your favorites bar. Then from any webpage, your updated content will appear with bold type. Clicking on the item will open a view to give you an update. From here, you can either open the full page or delete the WebSlice (without ever leaving your current page).

5.Favorites Bar: is both a new feature and an improved feature. The Favorites bar replaces the links bar from IE 7. (The Links bar provided one-click access to favorite sites). The Favorites bar has been renamed (the improved part) to associate this as the place to put your WebSlices, RSS feeds, links and even Office documents (this is the new part). All this provides easy access and management to useful web content.

Internet Explorer 8 includes new cool and improved features and is more stable and compatible. I recommend Internet Explorer 8 to anyone who want's a great web browser.

Download IE 8 Beta for Vista

Download IE 8 Beta for XP

Following the release of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

Sliverlight 2 Beta 1 was released the the day after IE 8 was. There's really not that much difference in Sliverlight 2 Beta 1 then there is with the precious version. The little difference is visual effects are a little better. But it could get even better in Beta 2.

Download Sliverlight 2 Beta 1

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