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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 "Leaked" (MUST READ)

Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta, the next generation of MSN Messenger, was leaked to the web just 2 weeks after Windows Live Messenger 8.5 was released. Windows Live Messenger 9 is not expected to be released tell late 2008. But you can download the beta now be using the link below.
Windows Live Messenger 9 offers cool new features like:

Signature sounds: Make sound signatures instead of just graphical ones .

Per contact sounds: chose a sound to associate with each of your contacts’ actions .

Animated Display Pictures: now you can use animated .gif files as your display picture .

Links in Status Message: Links in the status message are now checkable .

SPIM reporting: report and block users who spam you via IM.

Download Live Messenger 9 Beta (WINDOWS ONLY)

NOTE: You must have Windows Live Messenger 8.5 installed befour installing Live Messenger 9.

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