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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mac OS X Vs Windows Vs Linux

Who wins, well, Linux wins. Linux hardly has any software and games out for it and it has a few glitches. But nothing compared to Mac OS X and Windows. Linux has less than 5% of the virus's out there. Compared to Mac OS X that has 30% and Windows that has 66%. Linux is also more stable than Mac OS X and Windows. But you can do a hole lot more with Windows and Mac OS X than Linux. Like games, Rip and Burn DVDs, Video editing, managing pictures, Banking (quicken) and manage your iPod. Mac OS X and Windows have allot more features than Linux and are more fun than Linux. Apple does not suck nor does Microsoft. Microsoft and Apple should tearm up and make Mac OS X Vista. Vista and Leopard both rock and have there own glitches but more than Linux does.

Get Vista or Leopard if you want to have fun.

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riman said...

Nice john, now you agree with me and understand that OS X doesn't suck and neither does Apple or Microsoft, actually Microsoft still kinda sucks.