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Friday, May 23, 2008

Microsoft is doomed

I've finaly realized that Microsoft is doomed and Vista is one of the main reasons. Windows Vista failed. It was supose to have ahole lot more features and support more hardware and programs. The Apple OS (MAC OS X LEOPARD) offers a more adavaned movie editing software and photo editing software. Windows Vista is way better than XP in security and protection but lacks Leopard's features in digital media. What Apple says about Vista is BS. Secondly, software deleopers want to make more software for Leopard than Vista. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because it's hard to program for Vista. Vista and Leopard are good. Thats why I'm gonna get a Mac in the next 3 months, Then, all have a Mac and PC. PC for business and games. Mac for Photos and Videos. Allover, untell Windows 7 or 8 (which should have better Video and Photo editing programs), Apple rules the computer market.

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Chris V. said...

i think you just said what we were all trying to avoid. microsoft is going down hard. At least computer wise maby xbox still has a chance but i think microsoft is going to cling to apples back in a despret urge to stay alive.