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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Favorites Free Games

Trackmina Nations FOREVER is a free racing game you can download and play free online with players across the world. The game has great graphics's and is capable with Windows Vista. This game will keep you on your computer for hours.


Assault Cube is a free game to download that you can play with people across your network. You basically just kill people you see. It's a pretty cool game it's for Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also a single player mode, where you play against the computer. But it's not as fun as playing with real players.


N (The Way of the Ninja) is a fun and free game you can download for Windows and Mac. You don't even have to install it. It's a basic flash game. You control a little Ninja guy and try to avold robots. Your Ninja has it's own story and a limited life.


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