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Friday, July 11, 2008


MicroXP is like TinyXp. But it has hardly anything at all in it. It's so small it only takes 8-minutes to install in Virtual PC 2007. MicroXP is only a 99MB iso that you can burn to CD. It's illengal, but who cares. It so small it's hardly Windows XP. It doesn't even have the Windows XP Theme and Internet Explorer. It does come with Browzar on it. Browzar is another web browser. Suprisiply, the latest version of MicroXP, v.082 includes Service Pack 3 and all updates up to June 2008. MicroXP only needs 40MB RAM and a 2GB Hard Drive. Also, it passes the WGA Check. MicroXp makes a sweet Virtual Machine. It boots really fast. You can also install MicroXP on a USB and boot from any PC. I would definitely would not recommend using this as a primary operating system. But it's good in a Virtual Machine or a old computer that can only run MicroXP. Look for MicroXP on The Pirate Bay.


Anonymous said...

Where do I get the VHD for this? I WANT IT!!!

Anonymous said...

you're great!!!