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Friday, July 25, 2008

More Vista Tweaks

I've found out about more tweaks for Windows Vista.

How to disable deletion of the Recycle Bin - Download, this registry patch. Extract the folder, then go to wherever you extracted it. Open the folder. Open DisableRecycleBinDelete and click Ok.

How to make Vista boot faster - Click on the start menu, type in "msconfig", click on the boot tab. Go to where it says timeout. Type in 3 and hit Apply.

How to enable/disable the Administrator account - Click on the start menu, type "CMD". Right Click on "CMD" and run as Administrator. Type: Users net Administrator /active:yes (change yes to no to disable) and press enter.

How To Enable Custom Themes - Watch the video below.

I recommend for cool Windows Vista Custom Themes.

How to install Themes from Download a theme, extract it to wherever. Open the folder that you extracted. Cope the theme folder to C:WINDOWS/Resources/Theme. And you can now select your theme.

My Favorite Custom Themes for Vista-

AeroStatic Theme

Vista UltimateDark

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