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Friday, July 11, 2008

TinyVista and TinyXp

TinyVista and TinyXP both are cut down versions of Windows and have legal issues. Even trough there cut down versions of the original it's still considered a pirated cope of Windows. They will even pass the WGA check. TinyVista and TinyXP are both better than the original version. There both run faster, have only the stuff you need and run on old computers. You can even run TinyVista on a Pentium 3 and it will run fast. And you can run TinyXP on a Pentium 1. TinyVista andTinyXP have over 100 registry hacks which make theme faster. The latest version of TinyVista, Rev02, includes Service Pack 1 and all important up to July 2008. The latest version of TinyXP, Rev09, includes Service Pack 3 and all "important" updates up to May 2008. TinyXp also includes Royale Theme for XP and TinyVista still includes Aero. TinyXP and TinyVista are both made by this guy who calls himself eXPerience.TinyXp and TinyVista make awesome Virtual Machines. Look for TinyVista, TinyXP on The Pirate Bay.

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Adrulz said...

Where to download "TINY-VISTA"?