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Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama: Democratic Nominee for President

Last night, Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Nomination in front of a audience of 84,000 people at the DNC. Barack give a great speech last night and in the speech attacked John W. Bush. After the speech was over, Barack came out with his family and Joe Biden and his wife. Fireworks starting going off as they stood in front of a audience of 84,000.

Why Vote Obama?

1. John McCain is a Geroge Bush 3rd Term and worse.

2. Obama respeneces Change and Hope.

3. Obama will end the Iraq War.

4. Obama knows the Encomny is sufering and will try to fix it,

5. Obama supports Al Gore's ideas to fix Global Warning.

6. Obama knows what he's talking. McCain can never keep the same oppion on some thing.

7. Do you really want 100 years of war? McCain has said he will continue the Iraq War for 100 years.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

listen sonny the country doesn't run on hope. it runs on solid policy something obama doesn't have. 1.) windfall profits tax is a horrible idea i will tell you more about that if you like. and the kyoto treaty will devastate the economy. the mccain quote was taken out of context and obamas plans will hurt the economy not make them better.