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Friday, August 15, 2008

Best 2.0 iPod Touch Apps (Cydia, Installer 4 + AppStore)

I've had my 2.0.1 iTouch jailbroken for about 2 weeks now. I've discover some of the best apps out there.

Cydia -

NES - A Nintendo Emulator for the iPhone and iTouch
BossPrefs - Chose Advance Settings
Macman - A fun Pacman game for the itouch and iPhone thats uses the accelerator.
MxTube - Download YouTube videos to your iTouch or iPhone,
WinterBoard - Replacement of SummerBoard for 2.0. It will work with SummerBoard themes.
quake4iphone- Quake 1 for the iPhone and Touch.
Transformer - Make you iPod Touch a iPhone!
Apple Sliders - Cool Apple Sliders
MakeItMine - Change the name of your iPhone/iPod to iHack or anything

Installer 4 -

TuneWiKi - Play your songs and see the lyrics.

AppStore (free apps) -

Tap Tap Revenge - Guitor Hero for the iPhone
MySpace - Manage your MySpace
World 9 - Put your iTouch/iPhone in your pocket and jump up and down and you will here a bounching noise.
Twittelator - A Twiiter client for the iPhone with a nice and easy to use interface.
Tris - A free Tetris game!
Cube Runner - Navigate your space throw 3D Blocks and use the accelerator as a controller!
BreakClassic Lite - Breakout for the iPhone! Great 3D Graphics and allot of fun!
Acceel Break - Dimplier to BreakClassic but lacks 3D Graphics, Sound and a Main Menu, But you can use the Accelerator!
iPhunny - Way better than the jokes app on Cydia. Get a new funny joke every day and you can email it to friends.

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