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Monday, September 15, 2008

Microsoft Sucks: New Zune,Frimware Update, week after new Touch, Nano and 2.1 update

Tomorrow, Microsoft will launch the new 120 GB 3rd Gen. Zune with a new frimware update which will be available for 2nd Gen. Zune Owners. The update will include Zune Games. A cheap cope of iPod Games which has been out for years. Anyway Microsoft just desides to do this a week after a Apple iPod Event? And they cope iPod Games. And provide a update to the 2nd Gen. Zune like Apple did with the 1st Gen. iPod Touch. Microsoft, your Zune sucks and is a cope of the iPod. Your Zune doesn't any have a good enterface and costed just as much as the new iPod Touch.

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