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Sunday, September 14, 2008

We need an update

Sorry, it's been so long since I posted a update. The past 2 weeks, I've basically done nothing. I've also have been going to school for about 2 weeks. Well, Apple released the new iPod Touch 2nd Genration. Like the 1st Genaration but with Nike + iPod and Bulit-In-Speakers (finally!). I won't be getting a 2nd Genration iTouch for awhile. Jailbreaking the new iPod Touch is imspossbile, aleast for now. With my 1st Genartion iTouch I've unhacked "jailbreaked" it. I've given up on jailbreaking. AppStore is better. You can get cool Games and Apps. All jailbreaking has to offer these days is OS Tweaks, Themes and Emulators. No cool games like Tap Tap Revenge, GTS World Racing and Super Monkey Ball. Also, jailbreaking the new 2.1 Frimware on the 1st Gen. iPod Touch, iPhone and iPhone 3G is buggy and some apps don't work.

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