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Friday, October 17, 2008

Switching from PC to Mac

You will miss some things in Windows when you switch to Mac. This will help you.

1. No Universal Uninstaller - To uninstall software in OS X like you do in Windows and delete all files, you have to download thrid-party software like AppZapper or AppDelete (free).

3. No File New - To get file new in Mac you have to install thrid-party applications called NuFile or Document Palette.

4. Not as much freeware and games for Mac. - Run Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp or VirtualMachine for Games and Programs like don't have a Mac version.

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Mr. Bergquist said...

We need to set up a time when you can set up Ubuntu on a couple PCs in the two-story. I like the detail that you are giving to these entries.