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Friday, October 24, 2008

My First Mac - Mac Mini

Tomorrow, I will be ordering my first Mac, the Mac Mini. I wil get the 2.0GHz Mac Mini with IGB and 120GB Hard Drive. I do have a External Hard Drive for Backups and extra videos. I can't wait to get it. No more Windows Hell! There is rumor, That Apple will kill off the Mac mini or refresh it soon. I don't think Apple will kill off the Mac mini untill November (if they kill it off). If Apple refreshes, there is rumor that it will have a mini display adaptor and switch to SATA Hard Drives.


Dominik said...

i have my computer and it runs great build it 2 weeks ago or so its a 2.66ghz 2gb memory 500gb hard drive with a geforce 8800 and it kicks your butt :) j/k anyway good luck with that

JOHN said...

Dominik: But how much did I cost?

I decided to go with 2GB instead of 1GB. i have a external 300GB Drive and the internal 120GB drive. I wish I had a kick ass video card but hey the Mini is a Budget PC.