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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Love Mac OS 10

I've been using Mac OS X Leopard for about a month now and I Love It. It is far better than Windows Vista and any version of Linux. Note, nothing is problem free. But there sure are allot less problems on Mac.

Why You Should Switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac OS X:

1. It's Compatible: Most new hardware is Mac compatible and most Software has a Mac version these days. There is Microsoft Office, Sliverlight, Remote Desktop and Windows Live Messenger for Mac and you can also run Windows on your Mac with Apple Bootcamp or run OS X and Windows side by side with VMWare Fusion.

2. Security: Back in the days before Mac OS X, Macs had between 69 and 80 viruses. These day there are None. Mac OS X uses a highly secure UNIX-Foundation. If there is any security flaw in Mac OS X, Apple will response immediately and release a security update.

3: Experience new Mac only Software like Apple iWork and iLife and other Mac only freeware programs like CamTwist, MacTracker, Carbon Copy Cloner, MacSaber, Liquid Mac, TopDraw, Transmission, SecureFiles, AppCleaner, Colloquy and Adium.

4: You never need to defrag a Mac's Hard Disk or do DiskClean up.

5: You can join Windows and Linux networks on a Mac.

6: Windows Media Player Audio and Video can be played on a Mac with VLC Media Palyer.

7: If Safari can't read the Webpage because it is IE only. Firefox can read IE web pages.

8: You can right-click on a Mac with a Windows Mouse.

9: Microsoft doesn't have a iLife. And Adobe is not a all in one sweet. Also Audacity is to Edit Music! not create Music unlike GarageBand which can do both.

10: iPhone SDK, if your a Developer and want to develop for the iPhone. Now you can with a Mac.

11: Macs do cost about 15% - 20% more. But your getting a Computer with a different and better Operating System as well as iLife which comes free with every Mac.

12: Games. I know Macs don't have as much games as Windows. But as more people make the switch to Mac more games will come to the Mac. But with the iPhone SDK, PC Game Companies are having to learn Coca (the Mac OS X and iPhone Program Language). And will start releasing more games for the Mac. Almost all of EA games have Mac versions.

13: With a MobileMe Subscription you can sync files between your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and Windows PC.

14: As a Power-User Mac OS X is far more tweak-able then Windows Vista without having to disable a much of crap.

15: UAC: There is UAC in Mac OS X. But it only appears when your installing software sirton software like Adobe Flash or Apple iWork. And there is no annoying bleep and you just enter your password and click OK one time. Unlike in Vista you have to click Ok and go away and it could have come up again and your only at 50%.


17: It is more stable and reliable than Windows. Programs usually never crash and there is no Blue Screen of Death.

18: You should never have to reinstall Mac OS X unlike Windows were allot of Windows users reinstall every 6 months atleast.

19: TimeMachine: it just works. It will Automatically Backup everything on your HardDrive to another drive daily.

20: You can sync Media Files to your Xbox 360 from your Mac with Connect360.

21: You can upgrade a Mac. A Mac is a PC. It uses the same hardware. It's just you can only Upgrade your RAM and Hard drive because most Macs are bulit like Laptops except the Mac Pro(which is fully upgradeable).


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