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Friday, December 19, 2008

The End of Linux

Well, Linux is dieing. Only 0.87% of the Market Share. Windows 7 will even kill Linux on those end netbooks. There will be a Windows 7 Low-End Edition. I removed Linux from the Header.

What I Don't Like A Bout Linux-

2. It's a poorly written OS, The Windows and Mac OS X are far supervise.

3. It's no way User Friendly..

4. iPod or iPhone. No Support for Linux.

5. Video Cameras. Hardly any support for Linux.

6. Multimedia: No Multimedia on Linux.

6. There too many Distos.

7. The Linux Kernal is out of date. The Windows NT Kernal and Mac OS X Unix Kenal are far better.

8. The File Systems are not supported on any other OS and are slow NTFS Windows and HFS+ Mac OS X are far better.

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