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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Microsoft Windows 7 Facts

This is a facts list for Microsoft Windows 7..

Why is it being called 7?

The name Windows 7 just sounds good.

When will Beta 1 come out?

The Windows 7 beta was released in January 2009 and the release candidate was released in May 2009.

When will Windows 7 be released to manufacturing?

Windows 7 was released to manufacturing in July 2009.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Yes, Windows 7 is worth the upgrade from Windows Vista and Windows XP.

How many editions will there be?

There are only three main editions of Windows 7, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Starter is only available on new low-end PCs and Enterprise is only available to volume-licensed bushiness.

How much does Windows 7 cost?

Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade costs $119.99 and full costs $199.99. Windows 7 Professional upgrade costs $199.00 and full costs $299.99. Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade costs $219.99 and full costs $319.99.

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