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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Windows 7: What I Think

Everyone, I'm not a Apple fanboy but people will continue to call me that anyway. I don't care. I also use Windows (Vista). Microsoft is working on Windows 7, the successor of Windows Vista. Right now it's in Pre-Beta. Public Beta is expected in Q1 2009. Windows 7 Will be just like Vista but it will be allot better. Windows 7 will have be what Windows Vista should have been. It will be a rewrite of Vista. Tweaks, Changes, New Features, Improveing Performance, Touch-Screen features, and stripping down the OS. Windows 7 will be the first release of Windows without Bill Gates as CEO. Now with Steve Ballmer as CEO.You will not need a Touch-Screen. You can still use Keybord and Mouse. But you will need a Touch Screen if you want the full features of 7. When Windows 7 Public Beta is Released. I will download it right away.


Dominik said...

can u tell me more about windows 7? is bill gates making it? and am i suppost to buy a touch screen?

Anonymous said...
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