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Friday, January 23, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta Review

After having Windows 7 Beta for about a month. I'm now ready to review it. Windows 7 looks to be the best version of Windows ever. Even in beta stage, Windows 7 is faster, more reliable, less resource hungry, more stable and overall allot better than Windows Vista. Performance is good. Windows 7 also has new features like Aero Snap, the new Taskbar (superbar), HomeGroups, Device Stage, Libraries, better User Account Control,  Multi-Touch, Windows Action Center, Biometric Device Support, Sensor support (on laptops to detect where you are). There is also new WordPad, Paint and Calulcator which use the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon Interface. As you might know by now i'm a Windows 7 Fanboy. Would I pay $200 for Windows 7? Yes, I would. Today is the last to get Windows 7 Beta so hurry! It will not be out until Q4 2009! So you will have to wait along time to try it. 

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