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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What i've been up to

I have not been blogging regularly like I was in December. I've been more busy on School, Windows 7 Beta Testing and making Videos. I will get back to regularly blogging in Mid-February at the latest. Windows 7 is going well. It looks like it will be out in October for retail. It will go Release Candidate in April and RTM in July. So far the beta is going well. Pretty stable. As the Beta has been out for Public Download for awhile (ending soon on the 24th) people are finding bugs and Microsoft is fixing them . The Encomny has set me back on buying new Tech gear for awhile. I did get a iPod Touch 2nd Gen. I had to give my 1st Gen to my sister. I got a new NVIDIA 9400 GT and Bluetooh 2.0 for my PC. As you know i'm a PC and a Mac guy. I'm not a fan or Vista or Zune. I'm a fan of Windows 7, Windows Live, iPod touch , Mac OS X, iLife and Microsoft Office. I'm not a fun of MacBook Air, Mobile Me, iWork or iPod Shuffle.

AMD 64-BIT Dual Core 2 2.20Ghz
Windows 7 Beta 32-bit
DVD+R with LightScribe
Bluetooh 2.0
300GB HD + 300GB External HD

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