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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Microsoft needs to do to get there act together

Microsoft is falling in allot of area in the Market. Here's what they need to do to get back on track.

1. Kill the Zune - I'm not endorsing Apple's iPod but the Zune has failed. 

2. Give up on Windows Mobile - Windows Mobile is falling and is nothing compared to Blackberry and iPhone.

3. Release Windows 7 - Windows 7 is going to be a big hit and is allot better than Windows Vista.

4. Stop competing with other parts of the Tech World - Microsoft can keep XBOX and Windows Live but they should focus on there Software and Operating System. 

5. Stop competing with other software vendors - Sliverlight is nothing compared to Adobe Flash   . Let Apple have iPod and don't compete with Mac. Apple can compete with other PC OEMs. Microsoft should also make more Mac Stuff, to gain market on the Macintosh end. Microsoft should encourage development of Windows Apps for third-party software.


Dominik said...

here what my reply on this is

1.Umm i had the Zune and with games they have and and zune song downloading thingy s its not that bad.

2.i had a blackjack 2 with windows mobile and its actually very good right now i own a blackberry bold and its OS is MUCH MUCH better, but the windows mobile should be open to other smart phones because the black berry OS is only limited to blackberry's.

3.i would like it if they released it later because the windows 7 right now is not complete by far.

4.they has there own branch how makes stuff like that and if u took that branch and told them to work on OS they would have no idea.


JOHN said...


Windows 7 is done. The Beta is feature complete. It's not a huge upgrade just like Windows XP was not a huge upgrade to Windows 2000.