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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Windows 7 Features List Delivered?

Back In April of 2008, I blogged about the leaked requested features list for Windows 7. Surprisingly, some of the feature in the list are in Windows 7. Now that the Windows 7 Beta is out. I will show you what was delivered.

. Back up XBOX 360 games to Windows PC - Nope.

. Bring back Windows logo at start up - Yes, Windows 7 has a new Windows logo on the boot-screen.

. Windows mail should support hotmail - They removed Windows Mail and turning Windows Mail into Windows Live Mail which you can download in Windows Live Essentials. And it does support Hotmail.

. Windows gaming mode - Nope. But you can check for game updates in the games expore.

. Integrate Windows Calender with sidebar Calender gadget - Did not happen and Windows Calendar was removed.

. ISO and BIN image support in Windows -Yes, you can now natively burn ISO images in Windows 7. No BIN Support.

. Include Pinball in the next version of Windows - Nope, but Microsoft did birng back the Internet Games from Windows XP in Windows 7.

. Integrated Anti-Virus - No new Anti-Virus, you still have lame Windows Defender.

. Add a message to the computer locked screen - Nope.

Native support for VHD and WIM files mounted - Yes, Windows 7 can native mount Virtual hard disk but no WIM support.

Link to features list.

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