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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Technology Furture

The Computer World is changing. I predict in the next 10 years, Microsoft and Apple will die out. Applications on the desktop are moving to the Internet and you can access them cross-platform in a Web browser. No need for Windows or Mac OS X. We are starting to see no need for powerful computers anymore. People can get by very well with low-end Netbooks now. Linux can do Intenet and run very well on Netbooks. We are also starting to see more and more all in one devices like the iPhone. The Computer will die out in the next 20 years. People can do what they want to on a computer with a device like the iPod touch even. We will see Touch-Screen TVs that do TV, Internet, Make Movies, Edit Photos, Email. We will still have computers but only geeks, businesses and schools will buy them. To write Applications and schools and businesses with not want to buy TVs and stuff like iPod touch. I'm already doing things we will in the future like using Linux on a low-end computer and using Google Docs (web app) to make my Documents.

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