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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apple announces iPhone OS 3.0

Today, Apple announced iPhone OS 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. They added features that i've been wanting since I got my first iPod touch.

New Features-

Spotlight - Search all over your iPhone
Cut, Copy and Paste - Finally! Should have been in 1.0. But hey better late than never.
YouTube Accounts -Access your YouTube account form your iPhone. Manage your account and also subscribe and view your favorites.
Notes Sync - I've been wanting this feature to sync my notes. You can now sync your Notes to a Mac or Windows PC.
Landscape Mail, SMS, Notes, Stocks
Top news stores in Stocks app.
Anti-Phishing in Safari.
Search in Mail. - Finally
Developers can now access your iPod music library.
Push Notification Support - Promised back in June for September, better late they never. Allows IM apps to alert you when your using another app.
Wifi Auto-Login
Stereo Bluetooth Support
iPhone now supports more Languages
In App Purchase - Purchase items in applications for stuff like Ebook readers.
New ways to personalize Calendars in iCal.
Forward and delete messages in SMS.
Send more than one image in Mail.
Peer to Peer Connective - Connect to another iPhone or iPod touch, to play multi-player games.
VoiceMic - Recorder your Voice and send it in a SMS Text or Email
Turn by Turn GPS
Shake to shuffle
Call log
Improced Parental Controls

BTW: This is also a free update for iPhone and a $9.95 update for iPod touch.

Things still missing from the iPhone OS -
A video recorder
Flash support

Things still missing from the iPhone -
No more AT&T only
A better camera
Removable battery

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