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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

High School Status Update

I have not done a school status update for about three months, so I decided to one today. My first year of South Whidbey High School so far has been confusing, good and sucked. I'm now in Semestar II of 9th Grade. Only three months and a hale tell 9th grade year is over. This semester I'm taking English 9, Support Lab, Math and Physical Science. High School is allot harder than Middle School. Can't change glasses, can't go out side the building, no sports at Launch. The first year is the wrost. I like Physical Science it's a ok class. I'm looking forward to 10th grade, some of my firends from the 8th grade are coming up next school year. It will be Better next year. I will know the school and have more friends.

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