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Friday, March 20, 2009

Windows Internet Explorer 8 out now

Yesterday, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8. A Major upgrade to the web browser. The web browser has not been this good in years. I hated Internet Explorer 6 and 7 but I really like 8. I still prefer Firefox and Google Chrome but I use IE8 for all my Microsoft websites I visit.

Whats new and improved in Internet Explorer 8-
Redesigned user interface
Huge speed improvements
Web Slices
Instant Search
Improved Phising FIlter
Crash Recovery
Private Browsing ("Porn Mode")
Smart Screen Filter
Search Suggestions

Read my review on Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 back in Aprill 2008:


Sliverlight 3

Following the release of Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft released Sliverlight 3 beta 1. A new feature of Sliverlight 3 is running applications outside the browser.

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