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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why You Should Try Linux

Most non-tech people have never even heard of Linux or how good it is. The Linux Market Share is gaining near 1%. It's time for people to give Linux a chance as a main OS. I can say Ubuntu Linux is now better than Windows XP.

Why You Should Try Ubuntu Linux-
Compiz Fusion - Awesome 3D Effects
Low Requirments - Unlike that monster Vista, Ubuntu Linux requires only 256MB for the ultimate version. :D
It's free and legal - Why pirate a OS or buy a $200 OS, when you can get one just as good for free
Viruses - For Linux there is hardly any viruses unlike Windows. Save Money on Anti-Virus software.
If your already using Firefox, Blender, Gimp and OpenOffice on Windows your almost done - All are alvabible for Linux too.And all (expect Blender) are included by default in Ubuntu Linux.
It's the furture with applications moving to the web - who needs Windows? Google Docs, Google Reader, Meebo, 280Slides, VirtualNES and Mibbit are the first major web apps.
Adobe Flash and Java are alabale for Linux too.
You can run it off the CD and try it.
You can take it with you on your USB.
Theres lots of Open Source and Free Software out ther to be descovered with Add/Remove in Ubuntu.
There's games for Linux. Consolve Emulators, Copys of Classic Arcade and a few cool ones like Frets on Fire and Open Arena.

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