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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zune HD

I like other people have heard of the Zune HD rumors on the Internet. On Tuesday, Microsoft confirmed that the Zune HD is indeed real and it's coming out this fall. The Windows SuperSite Blog says the current ship date is September 5th, 2009. The Zune HD is Microsoft's competitor to the iPod Touch. I actually have been wondering for awhile, "When is Microsoft going to make a Zune touch?". The Zune HD (the next Zune) is going to have a multi-touch display and other features. It still lacks functionally of the iPod Touch like the applications, 3D games, app store, mail client and being able to play YouTube videos. The Zune HD is more for media. But it also has some advantages of the iPod Touch. Better quality screen, built in HD radio, HD video output, bigger screen and better wide screen format video. Microsoft is not copying the iPod Touch but competing with it. I was not interested in Zune at all untill I found about the Zune HD. In fact, 5 months ago in a blog post, I said Microsoft should kill the Zune. In recent months, I have been seeing more and more Zunes. I wonder some times, what is Apple going to do when Steve Jobs leaves and if everyone likes Windows 7, Zune HD and the Palm pre, Apple could go out of business.

Visit the Zune HD Website and check out the Windows SuperSite Preview

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