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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Memoires of my Grandfather

In January of 2005, I lost my Grandfather to cancer. I have very fund memories of him. He took me out on the boat, he took to the park and the beach. I also helped him in his garden. I miss him very much, he was like a father to me. 
   He cooked the best egg omelets and grilled chess sandwhichs and put patricia on many types of foods. He put peppers in his omelets and grilled chess sandwiches. He used to drink his beer and watch me swim. One time I cut my toe when I was at the beach with him. He told me to put it in salt water.
   When I was in the back yard swimming in the pool, he used to watch me swim while drinking his beer. He threw the plastic balls that were in the beer into the pool. When I came in from the water at the beach, we ate chocolates together. We also picked raspberries and put them on our ice cream. He used to call me old chap and after we took a sip of our drinks we said Ah. He also introduced me to root beer floats. 
   When I cried, he always said "Stop that stilen, John". When I got home from school, he always asked "What did you learn in school today"? I always said "nothing" because I did not want to take the time to explain to him what I did learned. We went to restaurants together. I gave him father's day cards. The last thing he said to me was "John, always try to be the good boy". 
   My Mom told me that Grandpa used to say "I won't know the differential when I die." When I was little, my Grandpa used to have me sit on his lab and sign "Push uh push the John". I have been having dreams where I talk to him. In one of the dreams, the opposite happened, my Grandfather fought his cancer and won and was at my 15th birthday party and gave me a life jacket. In another, I and my Uncle Bill were talking to him out my Grandmother's deck. I really miss my Grandfather and cannot believe it's been almost five years since he passed away.

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