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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rumored Microsoft tablet codenamed "Courier"

Rumors have surfaced on the Internet since yesterday about a rumored upcoming Microsoft Tablet codenamed "Courier". Gizmodo was the first to report about the tablet. Courier is rumored to have two 7 inch multi-screen, a 3 megapixel camera, a home button and stylus recognition. The Courier will not run Microsoft Windows, but will have it's own operating system. If your thinking, "Since when does Microsoft make hardware"? Microsoft has manufactured hardware since 1984. Starting with the Microsoft keyboard and mouse. Microsoft now manufactures other hardware products including Xbox, Webcams, Zune and Surface. Microsoft slatternly knows it's way around touch with Surface, Windows Touch in Windows 7, Zune HD and now Windows Mobile. There have been rumors about a Apple tablet dating back to October 2007. I do hope to see the Apple tablet arrive early next year but I'm also very excited Courier. Courier is rumored to be in late prototype development status and to ship sometime in 2010.

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