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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Microsoft migrates to multi-touch in 2009

Over two years ago, Microsoft revealed it's large multi-touch coffee table to the world, Microsoft Surface at the All Things Digital Conference 2007. At the All Things Digital Conference 2008, Microsoft revealed multi-touch capabilities in Windows 7. This year, Microsoft has been moving to touch with products such as Windows 7, Zune HD and Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows 7 was designed from the ground up for use with multi-touch displays and has a touch user interface with the ribbon in Paint and Wordpad and the new Windows Taskbar. The Zune HD is the first multi-touch Zune to come out of Redmond. Lastly, Windows Mobile 6.5 will be launching tomorrow and is multi-touch aware. Finally, multi-touch input is going mainstream.

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Linda said...

Imagine SoftFrog as a multi touch user interface for surfaces, tablets and mobiles.