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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My throughts on Google Chrome OS

I'm writing this blog post to knock some sense into the people that are buying in on this hype about Google Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS is a open source operating system developed by Google. Currently, no source code or builds of Chrome OS are available to the public. Google Chrome OS will be much like the Google Chrome Internet browser. It is build off the open source Linux kernel. Google does not have the necessary skills or resources to build their own operating system from the grown up. They will be using the same driver models and kernel as every other Linux distribution on the planet. Google Chrome OS will be just a web browser window with additional operating system functionally. No applications will be installed on Chrome OS at all. You can only use web-based applications which offer allot less functionally than desktop applications. You will not be able to download Google Chrome and install it on any computer. You will not even be able to download a disc image of it and burn it to a disc. Chrome OS will only be available on new PCs that are approved by Google. Microsoft does not fear Google Chrome OS at all. Windows and Mac OS X are way more advanced than any Linux distribution. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Chairmen Bill Gates have both come out dismissed the operating system. Bill Gates has commented on the operating system as "Just another Linux distribution.". Which it actually is in the first place. Steve Ballmer has bashed Google for having more than one operating system (Andriod and Chrome OS). While Microsoft only has one type of operating system, which is Windows. Google is a evil company and has a monopoly on the Internet and is trying to trick people into using it's products. Microsoft and Apple are much nicer and much more complex companies than Google. Watch out Google, Microsoft is back.

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