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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have been having allot of ockward dreams lately. I have been having dreams about my Grandfather, the girl I love and meeting Bill Gates. I have dreams about what is on my mind and what I want. I would really like to see my Grandfather again and talk to him. In one of the dreams me, him and my Uncle Bill were having a converstation outside in my Grandma's back yard.
   In a dream I had more recently, I was in a growly white room all alone. Then, all the sudence, my friend came up to me and said the girl I am in love with has decided that I am the one. Then, I had a dream last night where Bill Gates came to Langley, a town I live nearby. I meet him and his wife. Then, I had lunch with him and he offered me a job at Microsoft. I accepted the job offer and then I wroke up.
   I was very dissapointed when I wroke up with all of these dreams. All of these dreams are very realistic and reatily based.

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