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Friday, January 1, 2010

Project Natal

Project Natal is an accessorie launching for the Xbox 360 late this year. It will bring a controller-less experience to the Xbox 360. You will be able to control games by voice, facial and skectial reaction. It will be able to reconiton your skection by using a camera. This technology is preety amazing. We are going to see more devices use this type of technology during this decade. Their will be three main types of technology input in this decade. Stylus, touch and skectial reaction. It will be very interesting the transition to these types of input. Project Natal will not require a new Xbox but will be a very expensive accessorie. A new major Xbox hardware revision is due in 2013.

Project Natal Accountment-

Project Natal engineering-

Project Natal live demo at E3 2009-

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