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Friday, January 1, 2010

Software development

Early last year, I was very interested in software development. The first piece of software, I ever wrote was a basic web browser called iSurf. iSurf did not last long until I scraped it and started from scratch with uSurf. I continued to built off of uSurf for awhile, each new version offer new functionally. Then, I lost interest in software development for about 8 months due to family and friend issues I now have overcome those issues and have time to get back into it.
   Yesterday, I started building off of the source code of my last stable build of uSurf. I made many changes to it. I fixed bugs, changed some of the functionally, cleaned up the user interface and removed unnecessary items such as the Google Maps anf Calculator applets. I also have removed the uSurf branding entirely. For now, I am just calling it web browser since it is in Aplha stage and I have not decided on a good product name. I am not sharing more source code due to the fact that someone can easily download it, put there name on it and call it their own.
   I have also realized that if I want to work in the software industry, I better start learning how to program now. I will have a head start on everyone else. I will also be attending the Sno-Isle tech center next school year and will be earning credits in computer science crosses. In this blog post I have attached a screenshot of the latest build of my web browser. Every jorey begins with a single step.

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