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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to the new era

Today, we entered a new decade, year and the cloud computing era. During this decade, we will make the switch from traditional desktop computers to advanced mobile devices and online services. We will still be using desktop software but alongside online services
   We will also be using more web applications for better mobile computing. But the advance computing will still be handled by desktop software. We will not switch over to a basic operating system such as Google Chrome OS. We will instead continue using advanced desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.
   The problem with Google Chrome OS is that it does not offer the user friendly and functionally that people except from an operating system. Even Linux distributions like Ubuntu offer more functionally and are more user friendly than Chrome OS. Microsoft is currently in the process of transitioning it's core business to online services.
   2009 was a big year for Microsoft in terms of online services. Microsoft launched it's enterprise cloud operating system Windows Azure, that is basically an online version of Windows Server. You can use it to store content and run applications from within the Azure environment.
On the consumer side, Microsoft launched Windows Live Wave 3 and Bing search. Windows Live Wave 3 was a major update to Microsoft's online social network. It foucused on interoperability with thrid-party online services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Another part of Windows Live Wave 3, was the launch of Windows Live Essentials. Windows Live Essentials is a set of free programs for your Windows PC to interact with online services. It also includes applications that were previously included in Windows but have been removed for anti-trust reasons.
   Bing is Microsoft's first real attempt to compete in the online search market. Bing has three main benefits over Google search. You can search by navigating photos, get cashback on purchases from select retailers and search Twitter. Bing is currently the only search engine that is licensed to search Twitter.
   Microsoft is not going away anytime soon and is transiting it's markets for the future. The current economic recession is accelerating the transition to cloud computing. By increasing the demand for inexpensive computing by mobile devices such as smart phones and PDAs. This being said, we are not going to abandon desktop software within the next decade at least.

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