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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking back at the last year

I have gone through many changes during the last year. My academic level has improved dramatically. I now have a better attitude about school and life in general. I have improved upon my mistakes.
   A year ago I was a nervous and shy guy. I also did not known how to defend myself when someone attacks me verily. Now, I am more social and trying to take life easy. When someone attacks me, I simply ignore it or attack them verily.
   I am more open minded to people. You cannot judge a person by their age or first impressions. Each individual has their own troughs and opinions.
    I do realize that attacking them back is not the right thing to do. If I had kept on not saying anything, they would have kept attacking me. All of this is part of growing up.
      My views on the government have also changed. I have realized that politicians will say anything to get elected. It does not matter which political party they are registered with.
   I have improved my academic level by putting more effort into my school work. Education is very important to succeed in life. Many people are ignorant and put hardly enough effort into there school work. I am surprised that they receive passing grades.
   I have now chosen a career path to fellow. I am working hard to archive my ultimate goal to become a software developer. I need to succeed in high school in order to go down that path. After high school, I am planning on attending I.T.T Tech.
   A year from now, I will be closer to my high school graduation. I will be getting prepared for my senior year of high school. It will be interesting to see how much I have grown a year from now.

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Cameron said...

Right on John. Your right that you have to put in hard work at school. Especially right if you are working at a high-end job that requires alot of knowledge to succeed at. If you work hard though, you can achieve anything you want